RS4 front grill A4 B7 sline


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Hi, I Have only recently got back on here and would like some help and advice please.
I would like to change the front s-line grill on my 2007 B7 A4 I have seen lots of after market ones on ebay etc and all say will not fit S-line model.

Is there an after market good quality RS4 grill available or is it a new one from Audi or scour the breakers
Any help would be much appreciated , (or is it not worth the trouble)
Also is it a tricky job to fit and best taken to audi specialists?

Thank you .


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If you know how to remove the front bumper then fitting the grille is a doddle. Well removing the bumper is not to hard either but always best to have a second person handy when removing and refitting.

I looked for ages for an aftermarket RS4 grill to fit s lines with no luck. I ended up splashing £550 ish on a brand new one from the dealers.

If a used one doesn't turn up and you're confident enough take a look at the RS6 grille modification its far cheaper but more work. They look even better apart from having to stick a number plate on your dash!