Rs4 exhaust on s4


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Sum said it won't fit?

It does with sum work!

Bought rs4 exhaust for £100.
Cut the rear boxes down, narrow them by 2".
Sounds brilliant!

Question is, has anyone managed to graft a b7 rs4 style diffuser onto b6 rear bumper?


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The rear boot is different to cater for the large rear boxes, conversions to RS4 styles have needed the boot to be changed to suit these boxes, so no it's not a pnp.

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I looked into this for a project and like nigel says , it is not pnp , cheaper to get something fabricated from new.
lots of chopping and messing, fine if thats your thing though.
same with valance.
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Exhaust is done, sounds great and is 2.5" same as a milltek. But cost £100.
Took a few hours to cut and weld.

It was just the rear valance, diffuser I was thinking about.

Guess I'll find out, just ordered a rs4 style one for a b7.
See if I can get it to fit?


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Rs4 style b7 diffuser won't work, doubt it would fit a b7 nevermind a b6.

Managed to graft b7 s line diffuser on, think it's known as a "beesix mod".

If I'd of been less rough with cutting the original bumper for the big tail pipes I'd of left it. I think it looks ok.
See when tape is off!


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