RS4 costs thinking of getting one


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Hey everyone thinking of chopping my S3 in for a RS4 as ever since my brother let me drive his before he sold it iv just been a sucker for one and never had the balls to buy one. Just wondered what the main known problems that these wonderful cars suffer from? And also running costs not fuel but service parts and tyres.


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There's a great buyers thread over in the RS4 forum on - that's where most RS4 owners hang out.


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Yup, head to rs246 for buying guide. There are a few well documented issues to look out for (DRC leaks, aux radiators damaged, oil cooler pipes corroded, vacuum system issues) but they're so well known 99% of cars have had them checked and sorted. Service costs are in-line with what my S3 was, but consumables are generally more expensive (full set of brakes and pads is ~£2000 iirc).

Make sure you drive a couple to get a feel for what they should be like, and then figure out what options you're set on getting (buckets, SS+ suspension, nav, fbsw, sunroof etc). Forums are usually good places to find a car for sale too, there are a couple of nice ones for sale on rs246 at the moment too.

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DO IT! :) And then come and show me it! When your next in Cardiff drop me a message :thumbsup: