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RS4 - B9 Dash Cam install - Thinkware F800 Pro

Bing0r Jun 15, 2018

  1. Bing0r

    Bing0r Member

    Recently installed a dash cam into the car myself. Did it on my old Evoque as it was pretty simple so had a stab at it again in the RS4. Bit more tricky on this car, as the A piller removal and reinstall was a bit tricky.

    But paid to access Audi Erwin ( few quid an hour) to access workshop manuals that show you how to remove Trim so you can route the cables down to the fuse box in the passenger footwell.

    I downloaded the manuals for the A Pillar removal and Fuse assignments (to make sure wasn't tapping any critical components), which are all in the passenger footwell for Live and switched. Confirmed with a multi-meter. The passenger end panel fuse box has a good earth point.

    PM me if you want any further details.
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  3. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member Team Nardo Team V6 Audi RS4

    I have a dashcam on mine but left it to the pro's as I'd only f*ck it up!

  4. Andy3141

    Andy3141 New Member


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