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B7 RS4 B7 Inlet Manifold needed urgently!

Tom Eggar Aug 16, 2017

  1. Tom Eggar

    Tom Eggar Registered User

    Hi all. I have just bought an RS4 B7. The EPS, then the engine light has come on just before the service was due. I booked it in and the Audi Quattro specialist I use has shown me the culprit: One bank of the air control flaps, in the inlet manifold has a lot of play in them, while the other one is fine. They quoted me about £2250 plus VAT for a new inlet manifold and flaps for both sides direct from Audi, plus fitting. A kick in the pants when I have just bought it! Does anyone know where or who could supply me with a used air inlet manifold - preferably with warranty, but not essential , as long as the flaps do not have play in them? The car is in the garage and waiting for the parts, so could do with ASAP. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks all!
    07881 821976
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  3. Monkeys lips

    Monkeys lips Registered User

    I'm not 100% on this (as it was quite a while ago) but when I took mine in for a carbon clean at MRC tuning I'm pretty sure they took mine out and remapped it to tell the system it wasn't there any more. Might be worth having a chat with them to see what they can do.
  4. RS4 Cookie

    RS4 Cookie Registered User

    The reason they wear so much is because there are plastic parts involved. The plastic parts wear and don't allow the flaps to sit properly in the idle position...hence your EPC light pings on. The guy that fitted my Exhaust had the same problem with his motor but he ordered and fitted a set of Alloy parts to replace the plastic parts and it cured the problem. Where he got them and how much he paid...i'll find out and post details asap.
  5. PlumberStu

    PlumberStu Registered User


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