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B7 RS4 B7 Cylinder Head Set question

GhiniRS4 Nov 29, 2017

  1. GhiniRS4

    GhiniRS4 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    This is the first time to use asks question, if have some wrong, please tell me.

    My RS4 B7 the Cylinder Head had some oil spill inside when mars plug have problemed (moist). My supplier
    says need change the Cylinder Head Gasket Head Set. I do not understand, why not to use new Cylinder Head Gasket Head Set? May I just replace it? Could you provide propose the parts website?

    Thank you for your reply
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  3. GhiniRS4

    GhiniRS4 New Member

    Update. A few days ago, I bought the Valve Cover Gasket from the website. Unfortunately, have a new problem when I rejoice the moment.

    New oil leakage between the engine oil sump lower part and sump-upper part a little. If I want to repair this it. This means I need to remove the engine that reversal to repair when my technician tells me. What~~?! More repair.

    So I look for online spare parts catalogue to order, what're suggestions parts I need to already when I after removing the engine? I could use some advice from you.

    For example, I find some parts:
    1) Crank Seal, Rear or Rear Main Seal
    2) Water Pump
    3) Intake Gasket
    4) Fuel and Low Pressure Sensor (maybe I need it)
    5) Oil Separator (maybe I need it)
    6) Intake Manifold Flap Linkage Arms from JH (maybe I need it)

    P.S. This does not rebuild the engine. My RS4 the engine very healthy. ^_^

    Thank you

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