rs4 b5 short shifter


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anyone no where i can buy a good short shifter for my b5 rs4 in the uk thats got it in stock ? as car is having new clutch fitted next week so would be a good time to fit



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Could try QST. When i wanted mine, i asked on the day and it was done. I presume they carried them in stock.

Not sure about other companies, but there is no harm in ringing a few of them.

Which type of short shifter are you after? Tonoga's the one i'd recommend :thumbsup:


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2-stroke - the SS doesn't need fitting while the clutch is out. Can be done anytime, unless you mean you'll get someone to do it for you?

Can try ESP Engineering, they have a GB going on SRS Forum. Can try QST as mentioned, or AMD. Could try the one advertised on EBAY for £30, which is apparently ok. Can try the JHM one which gets rave reviews, but doubt you'd get it in time. The other one is an AWE one...

Personally, I'd be going for an ESP one, coupled with a weighted gear knob, which makes the gear movement alot more precise. Perhaps also couled with a DTS or Gearbox brace to tie it all together. That's the recommeneded mod if going for a SS...

PM me for any further info !!


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I've got the tonoga on mine,very happy with it but it does make the gear change slightly more notchy,but you get used to it.
Mine was done at qst with the stage 3 mtm conversion.
Mrc or unit 20 would also do this. I use unit 20 for all my work now and i'm very happy with the results


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If you do get the ESP S/S, get their weighted gearknob too. Makes changes less 'notchy'