RS4 alloys on A4 cab 19 x 9j et 29 will they fit?


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As per the title really, looking to fit Porsche brembos so need to go to bigger wheels. Found some genuine rs4 alloys locally but im concerned that 9inch wide and et29 might be tight. Tyres are 255 35 vredesteins

Stock suspension currently.

Anyone fitted these before successfully?


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You will find that they will poke out of the arches at that fitment (rear particularly). If you run full camber on the rear then you should be able to get them just to tuck...... But they'll look odd if you're not lowered.....

When you lower they will likely rub over bumps, so you'll need to fit bump stops on your new shocks. Fronts may well be fine if you just remove the top arch liner screw.....

You may be a lot better off if you run narrower tyres as well....235.35ish


Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet
Thanks for the reply that's kinda what I feared might be the case. Oh well back to searching for wheels.


Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet
Thanks Ajax, I had seen one of his pictures last night whilst I was googling, those pics are much better though.


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These were pictures an old member sent me a couple of years ago after I'd helped hi with the Porsche conversion, might give you an idea what it'll look like. These were genuine 9j RS4 wheels and 255 tyres at stock height, he had 13mm clearance from caliper to the rear of the face of the wheel so plenty of room.
did it have s line suspension was thinking about getting these


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The same style wheels were available on the A6 in both 112mm BCD and 57.1mm centre bore, so are an exact fit on the B7. They're available in 19-inch too, with an offset that puts them around the same tuck/poke as standard wheels. They came as standard on the A6 Le-Mans and possibly an option on S-Line cars.

If you know widths and offsets, this is a very useful site for checking out wheel fitments:

With the A6 version you can use whatever spacer necessary to get the best stance.

I'll dig out the part number if necessary.


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According to the offset calculator 9J wheels with 29mm offset with extend an extra 25mm (compared to 8J with ET43). Makes sense when you have RS4 wide arches but unless you're running stretched tyres and lots of negative camber, I can't see how they'd clear the arches.


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As SemiT said above, the A6 Le Mans wheels are a lot more friendly than the RS4's. I also happen to have a set for sale...


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Hi Chaps,

All very helpful above as it also puts my set up into perspective.

Petetheprop and all - I guess that we can infer that all B6/B7 arches are all the same. If so, then my set up will shed some real life practical help on your question..

I have a B6 Cabriolet and went from 17'' with 7.5 width ET 45 running 235/45
20'' with 9 width ET35 running 235/30/20.

This set up was PERFECTLY flush with the arches, a slight gap between the tyre and arches (not lowered) and no rub whatsoever, 4 passengers and even going over pumps. This is due to the tyre thickness being thin enough to creep under the arch under suspension compression.

However, I really disliked this set up as the ride quality was horrible unless the road was perfectly smooth. Subsequently, enough was enough and swapped for.. (and currently running)

265/30/20 ! - This set up feels SO much better as you no longer have a stretched tyre and is what Audi Recommend for a 9inch width wheel.

It has zero rub even with 4 passengers on board. BUT it does rub when I go over bumps. Saying that, due to my own experience, I will not reduce my width (sound like im being grumpy haha) but Stu-Evans has rightly pointed out this 'rub' is likely due to the 'arch liner screw' .

Hopefully the above helps anyone wondering.

In the meantime, could anyone offer advise as to wether installing 'bump stops' would stop the rubbing? Im guessing it may help reduce suspension travel which will stop it touching the arch screw. Or, I may have to purchase stiffer springs?