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RS4 (2014 year) often *very* slow to connect phone via Bluetooth

Diggory Sep 5, 2018

  1. Diggory

    Diggory New Member


    I was wondering if anyone knows of a solution for this, or whether anyone can let me know if this is normal:

    I have an RS4 (2014 reg) and an iPhone (used to have an iPhone 6s, now an X. Both the same behaviour.)

    I have paired the phone via Bluetooth and it's the main audio source for my car. It's the only paired device. When starting the car it often takes a very long time to reconnect to the phone. The amount of time varies. Sometimes only a few seconds, but often up to and over a minute. It cycles between 'Loading medium or device' and 'Trying to establish Bluetooth connection'.

    It's pretty annoying - especially as another car I use (Land Rover Disco) always connects to the phone within about 4 seconds.

    Is there any fix for this?

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