Rs3 valve control programming?

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As a 2019 OPF owner I came here to ask if is worth in OPF models. Its really a big difference? I was thinking to buy to my RS3 a DP Miltek but I would loose my 4 years warranty... so maybe with that CETE valve control is enough.
Only the exhaust warranty though surely?


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It’s all down to personal preference, some may say it’s not worth it but for me it has made a noticeable difference in the low rev range and makes for a more pleasing exhaust note.

I left home at 3.30am yesterday morning so put in comfort mode and flaps were completely closed, nice and quiet for the neighbours! remembers to keep the start/stop turned off permanently which for me is a big bonus.

Worth every penny for me :icon thumright:

I think I am going to need to hear one, is there a one in Berkshire that has one of these?


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1) Yes in low revs situations it makes a difference
2) easy if you can remove trim with no issues.


3) unless they remove the passenger side left hand trim they’ll be unaware.
It has a shut down facility now I believe too.

4) it’s worth the money I’d say because of its integration into the can bus and easily controlled from the ESP button without interfering with the button function.

Plus it eradicates the FL cold start wastegate rattle.
Could anyone please send a link to buy one of these as there are a lot of variants on the market.
Many thanks.