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RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

Snake Pliskin Jun 1, 2019

  1. royalsteve68

    royalsteve68 Registered User

    Spot on, my thoughts exactly. I would have a Tesla as a daily driver to work if it was cheaper.

    I test drove a model s p100d and it was a dead driving experience. It was quick but the switch gear, looks, quality were just dreadful, handling and seats were terrible too. When you pushed it only very slightly you couldn’t feel the weight, like a very heavy convertible.

    My wife said it looked boring. I couldn’t wait to get back into my rs3.

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  3. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Moderator Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter

    My girlfriend doesn’t like them either, acknowledges they’re very fast but much prefers the RS3... just down to the experience. She prefers the launch in the RS3, says it’s more exciting with the revs building etc.
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