RS3 Transmission – issue or unique to the RS3?

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The gearbox in the FL RS3 is awesome. I had the DQ250 in my A3 Sedan previously, this is miles better.

Regarding some things. I drive permanently in Manual mode so this is all only relating to that.

The gear changes under very light throttle load are slower. Easy, adapt by slightly pushing down on the throttle just a moment before you want to change gears and the car will instantly snap change the gear. I have adapted to this and the process does not make the car any more jerky ore anything if the throttle input is careful. The car WILL change gears instantly any time I want it to, and if I want it to, it will take a moment, all dependant on throttle position, so YOU might need to adapt to the gearbox rather than the other way around.

I used to have issues (again this is ME not the GB) down-changing a few gears, but if its done at the right RPM I can go from 5th to 2nd like a formula 1 car if I time the down-shifts properly, this is another thing you need to adapt to.

There is also a trick, if you are in a high gear like 5th for eg, and you want to downshift a few gears, if you HOLD the left paddle the car will INSTANTLY change down to 3rd or 2nd right at an optimal powerband RPM, and likewise if you are in 2nd or so and you want to cruise and you HOLD the right paddle it will shift up to something like 5th gear for cruising. Its a really good trick, go and try it.
Just tried applying more throttle before manual gear shifts under steady driving conditions and have to agree the gearbox seems to change almost instantly so thanks for the tip

Also turning TC to sport (didn’t know you could do this) is a big help thanks @AudiNutta for putting me onto this

Grip around corners is immense

Any more driving tips?


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Interesting how USA owners are seeing a difference between Manual in D and S........

A quote........

"Coming from 10 years of driving double clutch transmissions in my M3 and M4 and 20 years of manual cars before that, I prefer selecting my own gears when driving. I recently noticed that there are two distinct engine and transmission tunes when using the transmission in manual on my wife's RS3. I looked in the owner's manual but found nothing to that effect. There is also nothing on the dashboard that highlights this, as only "M" shows in front of the selected gear in both modes as opposed to "D" or "S" when in automatic. I wonder if other have noticed this.

If I flick the transmission in Manual when it is in "D", I get a more sedate less aggressive engine and transmission behaviour. However, if I first pull the lever down to get in "S" mode before I flick it to manual, the engine and transmission have a much more aggressive behaviour. The transmission has more pronounced rev matched downshifts and is more prime on upshifts and the engine idles at a higher RPM. I am quite happy to have discovered this as I found the "normal" manual mode too sedate for my taste. The car is so much more enjoyable and alive with the more aggressive Manual mode.

I just wanted to share in case some are not aware of this."

A reply to the above.......

"Yes, I have found not many are aware of this. Manual mode simply just deactivates the automatic shifts in whatever mode the transmission/engine is currently in, so the mode carries over to the manual. Going from D -> M keeps the engine/transmission in Auto mode with a relaxed throttle response and slower shifts. S -> M leaves the engine/transmission in Dynamic mode with the corresponding crisper throttle response and faster shift speeds. It's puzzling that Audi doesn't make this clear in either the owner's manual or in the dash, except for the R8. In the R8 it shows M1...7 and M1...7S to distinguish between the two manual modes."

Along with an R8 VC showing what Manual mode the car is in....

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Having just tried this setting now on my 110mile commute home, I can confirm the box now feels even more smoother. The clunking between 2-1 as disappeared and the changes are even smoother than before.