Rs3 to rs4

Jeff Bates

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Hello all.
Has anyone went from a rs3 to a rs4? I have a 2019 sport edition rs3, panther black saloon which is fully loaded bar the ceramic brakes. I’ve been looking at a 2021 rs4 carbon black in nardo gray, not as much spec as the rs3 but has what I like.
Any one done the rs3 to rs4 and have any pros or cons, pleased they made the change or regrets.
I’m 50/50 weather to go for it

Terminator x

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I did albeit PFL RS3. The 4 is a touch faster but not a lot in it tbf. Where it smashes the 3 though is in the looks department and the inside of the car.

Sound wise I hated the 4, way too quiet albeit I appreciate we are all different in that respect.

In summary the 4 is a more grown up faster but quieter version of the 3!


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