RS3 Sedan speculation thread


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When it will come? Before or after mid year?
It will have a higher output than the Sportback?
It will flared wheel arches in RS6 style or RS5/Audi Quattro style?
RS3 Sedan vs upcoming S4, how they will stack up against each other?
Its worth the wait?
I won't deny that I think the sportback doesn't look to sporty a maybe even bit boxy, but i have the perception that the sedan feels or look a little more upscale than the sportback, even if its basically the same car. Well maybe that's that intangible thing that makes us like some car more than other, like Audi vs BMW...

Dave Hedgehog

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i suspect it would be a Geneva announcement with possibly some spy shots testing shortly before that

probably 10bhp more to justify the 4k increase in price

no as they have to change panels etc to do that

possibly, although my boss has a 15 plate 4dr tfsi quattro and i have to say i do not like it at all


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It'll have the same power output. The S3 output is the same across all the body styles and if you look at how the S3 sportback and S3 saloon stack up, it's pretty easy to see what the RS3 version will look like. Personally, I'd take the sportback every time. If I really wanted a good looking fast four door saloon, I'd buy a BMW (can't believe I said that, but there you go...)


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I think **** and US markets will force Audi to launch a RS3 saloon asap. Hatchbacks and wagons don't sell and the A3 saloon was created for the **** market in the first place.



If Audi build the clubsport, then they have a pretty good looking car there for the saloon, the RS3 saloon (if it happens) therefore won't have the add on spoiler/wheels as standard- or option, shame because I personally think they are the best wheels on the market today