Rs3 pfl gearbox And clunk noise


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Hey all
I have my car almost 2 months and im very happy with this car:)
But i have some thing that i think its not good and audi said that everything is perfect and this how the car should be.
My problem is when i drive in comfort on d
When its downshift to second gear and then i acceleration again sometimes i can feel
Some clunks i think its from the clutch or something or sometimes in traffic on 1 or second gear i can fell also this clunks when acceleration


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Doesn’t sound right to me, I too have a PFL model but this is as smooth as silk. In manual mode you get a slight clunk going from 2-1 gear but other than that all good.
Could be transfer box, rear diff perhaps.
Personally take it to a Audi specialist if out of warranty