RS3 or RS4 B7


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Hi, are the running costs of an RS3 similar as far as servicing brakes fuel etc as an RS4 this would be a B7 version Rs4, also what year is the 8p Rs3 my budget is for a 2010 model is this a good car !

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The running costs would be quite a bit less id imagine, insurance would be less due to the fact thieves love the RS4 bucket seats, due to cost of replacements I've known RS4's actually being written off because of stolen seats!!
Fuel will be a lot less, servicing will be less and then there's not worrying about de coking the engine every 30-40,000 miles and and leaking shock absorbers, tax will also be more on the RS4.
If cost of running is key then the RS3 would win hands down


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Love 'em both but what makes the 8P RS3 more interesting for everyday road use is the availability of torque from low rpm:

RS3 @ 450Nm from 1600 to 5300 rpm or
B7 RS4 @ 430Nm at 5,500 rpm

5-years now in an RS3 and not or ever have been tempted by an RS4, nice car that it is...