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RS3 Internet Connection with MMI Nav Plus

illingworth22 Oct 11, 2018

  1. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member Team Panther TFSI Owners Group Saloon saloon Audi RS3 Audi A3 quattro S tronic DSG

    I am currently looking to change the BMW M2 and I have seen an RS3 in a Dublin Dealer. It has the Connectivity Pack and the 5.8" QVGA Digital Dash display and MMI Plus.

    So how do these cars connect to the internet, is there an inbuilt SIM card like there is in the BMW? I have a 3 year subscription which you can renew with BMW through the BM portal. The reason I ask is that I notice there is a space in the car for SIM card. Data packages here in Ireland ain't as cheep as they are in the UK and I do remember MY13 8V S3 required a sim card in order to use the connected features.
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  3. Dan_DJT

    Dan_DJT RS3 Saloon Team Floret Silver Audi RS3

    If its a FL car then there is a built in SIM or embedded SIM (eSIM) that will give you data for the google maps and Audi connect services. It will not give you data for a wifi connection. You can buy data from myaudi.com or choose to use your own SIM inserted into the slot in the glovebox. If you use your own then all data is obtained through it and the eSIM becomes redundant.

    If its a PFL car then I am not sure if it is the same.
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  4. RS3ForMe

    RS3ForMe New Member

    Do you know if this is true in the US as well? I have a FL 2018 and Audi uses ATT in the US. Their coverage is horrible all around where I live and work. I would be happy to get another Verizon SIM to use but not sure how I would get the system to use it. I know most of the high end phones/cell modems out now in the US have universal or close to universal bands covered for any carrier (always buy mine unlocked). So, wondering if anyone knows what the modem in the car is spec'ed for and if it is locked to ATT.

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