RS3 grill

george forbes

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Has anybody had any dealings with these guys and can you confirm whether it does fit a 2015 s3 8v 3dr hatch , bit wary of some of the descriptions on Ebay as to what they fit.

The Cardinal

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Pretty clearly states that it won't fit an S3, I think.

My opinion is that an RS3-look grille like that is a surefire way of making an S3 look like a more basic A3 model with "custom" add-ons.
on the PFL the grill shape is the same on the Sline and S3 probably on the non s line too. and probably on the RS3 too,
The S3 bumper is the same as an Sline. Dissagree with the above comment, I think the RS3 style grill suits the S3 very well and the honeycomb fits in with the side grilles too. The Stock s3 grill is pants and is clearly designed to make the RS3 look so much better in comparison. The only people that disagree are the ones too scared of change or think that the S3 is a superior car in standard form - WRONG! it needs mods to look and drive anywhere near as well as the Golf R for example. but worth it when you get it sorted.
My opinion tho, the badgeless grills do look chavvy, the ones that look OEM RS3 are a good "OEM +" mod