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TTE Si May 3, 2018

  1. TTE Si

    TTE Si Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

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  3. Leo-RS

    Leo-RS Registered User

    Brilliant time but really not sure what's going on with APR:wtf:

    Released a teaser of a 10.5 Stage 1 car in October 2017 and more than 6 months later out comes this video of a Stage 3 car but yet no one anywhere can buy a Stage 1 tune yet.

    Anytime APR are asked, they come up with the same lame excuse of "locking down the ECU" the tune is imminent. They've been saying that since November 17 though so wearing a little thin now.

    Wonder how much a TTE625 on E85 produces? Considering it's pushing 600whp+ must be close to 700bhp

    Some info from YT description...

    2018 Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI
    APR ECU & TCU Upgrades with E85
    TTE625 Drop-in Stock-Housing Turbo
    Intake System
    Straight-Pipe / Dump Tube Exhaust System
    System Fueling System
    18x8.5 Wheels 245x40R18
    Hoosier Drag Radials
    Seats Removed

    Overall we’re impressed with the setup. Keith’s RS3 laid down over 600 WHP on our dyno, and was extremely capable at the drag strip. Given the turbo’s moderate size, the system makes for an excellent daily driver, without introducing significant lag, as is often the case with much larger, and more capable turbochargers. We would like to stress this is not a production product we currently sell, and much of the hardware upgrades are prototypes and proofs of concept. Our production hardware will begin rolling out later this year. Please stay tuned for more details while we continue to work on adding Program Switching and Full Encryption to the ECU to protect our world-class and record-setting ECU Upgrades before our official release!

    I wonder what a UK TTE625 car with 99 octane, interior, normal wheels and tyres would do? 10.3?

    Excellent time non the less.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  4. random101

    random101 Registered User

    I highly doubt this is the map that will be going out to customers....
  5. jimojameso

    jimojameso Well-Known Member Section Mod

    What a beast!! RS3 is such a good platform for tuning! :)
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  6. TTE Si

    TTE Si Site Sponsor Site Sponsor


    Im not APR but if their STAGE 1 software is not ready its not ready and they must have reasons... Pretty sure they want to make money but not problems.

    This is a customers car not APR's, they made custom software for a customer as development nothing more.

    Car made 625whp on pump E85 not the better barrel VP racing E85 that others use.
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  7. Pablos007

    Pablos007 With great power comes great responsibility

    Even though there is a delay I'd rather have a fully tested software upgrade than risk any issues, and my experience with APR over the years is it that it is always worth the wait.

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