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Facelift RS3 FL Saloon Stock Exhaust Sound Improvements

Mohammed Umar Mar 5, 2019

  1. infernox

    infernox Registered User

    I do wonder how my car would have sounded now at 11k miles without the PCW mod. I got it at 8k miles and now at 11k miles, definitely sounds better now, I'm pretty sure I get more pops now too.
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  3. jaysrs4

    jaysrs4 Registered User

    I had my PCW mod done months ago and it made a massive difference, I had my car mapped before I had it done and it sounds immense. Best thing about it is if you catch it right and down shift at 1,500-2,000rpm in 3rd or 2nd it often properly back fires, I don’t mean pop or bang, I mean properly back fires. No need to rev the thing at all. Love doing it as I’m pulling up to traffic lights when people have their windows open - I’m such a child :flushed:
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  4. infernox

    infernox Registered User

    Mine isn't mapped but at close to 12k miles, I'm getting mini gunshot bangs now, it is rare but it does happen.

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