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RS3 Facelift - Best tires option for Acceleration 0-60/Handling on Track

RadekCor Jun 13, 2018

  1. RadekCor

    RadekCor New Member

    Hi All

    As I ordered for my NEW RS3 Saloon Original wheels and thx. to this 8,5j 255 and 8j 235 Tires on it.

    Let me know your thoughts about it.

    1) What type and size tires you have?
    2) Ideas, what is the best tire size combo for 0-60 time?
    3) What is the best tire combo for Handling on Track/good road

    I dont think so which option is better(or compromise), so your help will be very welcome! :)

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  3. Leo-RS

    Leo-RS Well-Known Member

    Audi offered the staggered 255/235 setup from factory to improve understeer characteristics so that answer is clear. At standard power levels, the standard tyres and wheels from factory are more than good enough for 100% traction.

    You would only think about sticky tyres if the standard tyres were useless at gripping and that's not the case. Even at Stage 2 power levels they are fine. You could think about aftermarket lightweight smaller wheels and drag radials if you had the power and an increased launch rpm to warrant them. (If traction is your sole purpose)
  4. RadekCor

    RadekCor New Member

    Of course, you are right... But Audi as well offered the "lowcost" version of 8J 235/235 setup... Deos it means, that there will be some difference between it (traction) ?
  5. Leo-RS

    Leo-RS Well-Known Member

    You would probably not notice it at standard power levels but physics is physics, with the staggered setup there is a greater contact patch to the tarmac below in what is predominantly a front wheel biased vehicle.

    I bought the wider tyres for the anthracite colour rather than thinking about the extra contact patch and subsequent understeer reduction. I don't like the standard silver wheels.

    For your average driver driving around the streets, I don't think you would notice much difference, if you were timing down to the last 1/00th of a second, then perhaps a minimal difference. People will buy the wheels for either aesthetic reasons or if they are track focused and want to reduce some understeer, not because of the 5/100th's of a second that you may or may not benefit from in a 0-60 dash.
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  6. Rayner_1704

    Rayner_1704 DAN

    For a start the tyres Iv found suit me best and surprisingly not bad at all in the wet are yoko AD08R there half between a summer tyre and a semi slick, I replaced Michelin PS4’s with these and its transformed the drive.
    I run 235/35/19 all round but next time I may stagger and get 234/245 or maybe a 255/235.
  7. Dodgygtr

    Dodgygtr Active Member

    Track days I’d say Michelin cup 2’s I had these on my GTR and for them amazing but you don’t get a lot of tread.
    Michelin PS4’s are what I’m getting when my new wheels turn up. 245/35/19 I think. As I’m not sure I can get 255 on the rear.
  8. Phil3

    Phil3 Well-Known Member Team Nardo Audi RS3 Saloon

    Can vouch for the Michelin’s, that’s what came on my GTR when I bought it... as said, tread isn’t much so they don’t last long

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