Rs3 exhaust on S3!


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Does anyone know if anyone has tried an RS3 exhaust on an S3? Would it sound much different to the standard s3 exhaust on a s3?


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Would be interesting to know. If its the pops you're after it's most likely programmed into the rs3 as opposed to the exhaust making the noise on it's own!

Would be good if it made a big difference however as it wouldnt affect warranty or insurance


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You'd be better off getting an aftermarket exhuast as the rs3 exhaust has been designed for its 5 pot engine hence you may end up with a horrible sounding car! Wouldnt risk it in my opinion.


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Oh I was well hoping to see the RS3 exhaust style on an 8V S3 :(

I'd love that oval shape but with honeycomb grill *drools* ....


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Rs3 tips might be a good shout if it's aesthetics you're going for.

Not sure how they'd fit though

I prefer 4 exhausts on the s3 anyway, nobody likes a wannabe:whistle2:


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I wonder what about the TTS pipes. They are more oval and definitely bigger AND are suited to the 4pot in the TTS, which is very similar to the S3 one. Just moved from an S3 to a TTS and the latter sounds noticeably better IMHO.


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The opening in the s3 splitter is a lot bigger iirc.
I run an s3 splitter on my a3 with twin 4" pipes on either side and it fills out the space. I'm sure the rs3 oval isn't 8" wide.

If your wanting exhaust changes just go to a custom shop and have one made exactly how you want. Always cheaper than off the shelf, especially genuine Audi parts