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RS3 bouncing REV and not shifting WOT

Nick3326 Nov 27, 2019

  1. Nick3326

    Nick3326 Registered User

    Hi! I'm new here, and figured it would be a good idea to ask this here.
    So basically while launching, I've had some pretty weird behavior. With ESC completely off (press and hold) it bounced off the rev limiter and made a HUGE bang from almost underneath the car, and scared the living sh*t out of me.
    Second time I had ESC in sport, car shifted early in first gear for what I'm assuming was because of wheel spin, shifted fine into 3rd, but from 3rd to 4th it just forgot to shift. Literally. My soul hurt.
    I have videos of both of these, so I figured I'd throw it up aswell. Anybody have any ideas to what this could be? Completely stock, at 5k miles.

    Also sorry for the emo music hahaha
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  3. JM 772

    JM 772 Registered User

    Hi Nick,
    was you im manual? my S3 used to upshift automatically in manual when it was getting near the red line but the RS3 doesn't. i have hit the rev limiter once, thats when i realised this.
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  4. zaka7

    zaka7 Registered User

    I think it is set slightly higher, mine will change up and down itself when in manual?

    Apologies as the videos won't play for me, but I don't think you're supposed to do launches in manual anyway? so that would be the issue, If you were however in dynamic (auto) and sport then you shouldn't be seeing this! and I'd get it to the garage asap before you do some damage.

    Is it only when you launch or does the car do this now and again anyway? and is it mapped, I know you say it is stock, but is that because you've had it from new and you're sure or because you were told it is?
  5. Nick3326

    Nick3326 Registered User

    Both launches were in automatic, I came from the S3 too and had to ask before I got the car if it upshifted cause I wondered this too lol

    Also are the videos showing? Definitely not normal, also I've never heard of "not supposed to launch in manual" as manual you can achieve faster times then the stock tune. The car had 28 miles (test drive/delivery miles) when I got the car from audi so I'm fairly positive its stock mapping, and it's only happened in launches but I mean there really is no other way to describe how terrible it sounds other than to watch the video and listen for yourself, if it's not working let me know.
  6. Leo-RS

    Leo-RS Registered User

    Short shifting is normal depending on traction available. This time of year with cold tyres and damp tarmac, completely normal.

    However, it should auto upshift before limiter and it's clearly not. I would take it back into Audi, may just need a clutch relearn or the trans software updating/reloaded. Definitely one for Audi though, show them your videos of the car not auto upshifting.

    Does it do it in normal driving or only off of a launch?
  7. barbalatte

    barbalatte Registered User

    I have a similar issue (Not sure if its a problem).
    When i Launch from standstill, Traction Control off, in Manual mode, when the car gets to near Redline, then i attempt a change, it will temporarily change into second then quickly change back to 1st, hitting the limiter. Obviously i back off. Will also happen 2-3rd and 3-4th.
    Although if i launch in Dynamic, Traction Control Off but in Auto, It will fly through the gears no problem.
    I've brought it back to Audi and they recon there is no problem with the gear box. We were able to replicate it whilst going for a test drive so they saw the problem. The tech recons it was the Gearbox Safety mechanism trying to protect the box. Would this be a fair assumption???

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