RS3 Alloys and Eibach Pro Kit Springs


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Hi folks,

Well, I have ordered an A4 so I guess the S3 needs to go back to standard before going back to the dealer.....consequently, I need to do the following :

Genuine RS3 Alloys and Goodyear Assy 2 tyres ( all with 5mm left ) - Straight swap for OE 18 inch BE Rotor's with good tyres in the same condition as mine - Any takers ? Alternatively I could leave it as it is, but I would rather someone had an upgrade on here if they are interested.

Eibach Springs : Would you take them off and replace with the originals ( which I still have ) or leave them on and forget it ?

What would you do.....return it to original spec, or leave the changes as they are and just p/x it as it is ?


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Pm'd :)


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On the springs I'd prob leave, unless you can swap yourself or it reduces trade in price as Audi say they've got to pay to put back to stock.

You won't get much second hand and would cost as much to remove and re-align (although you could leave alignment if trading in - let them sort it!).


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Wheel swap done, so thanks all.

I think I'll follow your advice and just leave the front springs.....The new owner will wonder why it handles so much better than the other S3's they've!!

Just been given build week 25 for the A4, so late June/Early July hopefully ... Can't wait.


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Glad you listened Paul, let me know re dates ;)


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Always listening and learning Nath..:rock:, and the dates are fine so we're on !!( e-mail sent ).

Pleasure Jonesy.