RS3 8V to B9 S4 Avant?


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Ordered a new s4 avant today to replace my rs3. I have a Passat estate as well and that will be sold when the s4 arrives as going to run just one car.

Spec that I remember so far is
Ibis white
Magma red leather
Red brakes
Light and vision pack
Black pack
19inch spokes
Hill hold assist
Pano roof
Think that's about it.

Was thinking of getting tow bar for a bike rack but may get roof bars for the odd time we take the bikes?

Any thoughts guys.
P.S iv not driven one none near me but getting a blast in the salesman wife's new s5 next few days.
Going to miss my rs3 so much I really love it but I only do about 2-3k miles a year and wife only doing 4K a year in the Passat so rs3 plus Passat led me too s4 avant. Hope to run it for a few years then get a new rs4 when they have some discount about.

The wife choose the ibis white there was a tdi in showroom in it with black pack was lovely plus it's very easy to maintain.
Tango red with black leather was a close second for now.


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No B&O? Lovely car btw, nice work

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Nice spec.

For the bikes I'd definitely go for the removable tow bar and bike rack option. I wouldn't want to be lifting bikes up onto the roof with the risk of slipping and scratching / denting!

I'm getting my tow bar fitted on the A5 next Wednesday so we can get the bike rack on again.


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The Audi tow bar seems dear at 850 much are you going to be for the s5 if you don't mind me asking?
I'm 6ft 3 putting them up not too much hassle but more worried about crap dropping on the roof


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Well I'm 5'7" so I have a slight height disadvantage!!

I'm getting mine fitted by PF Jones. The factory fit is £850. As I bagged a pre built to avoid the new tax post-April, this wasn't an option.

My dealer said they could get one fitted for £750 (coincidentally by PF Jones who are charging me £520-530 including fitting and coding!)

It's a Bosal removable towbar with 7 pin electronics and uses genuine Audi towbar wiring loom fully warranted.

Snake Pliskin

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Great choice mate .... I'll be interested to hear thoughts coming from the RS3.

New S4 is a superb car :sunglasses:

Snake Pliskin

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I'll let you know snake that will be three of us sold our rs3 and bought a new s4 and Wayne collected his yesterday black saloon it's lovely

Very modern & premium feeling car with near performance to match the RS3.

A few owners have said the S4 sounds pretty good too :sunglasses:


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It sounds awesome, open the valves and tickle the accelerator and you're instantly transported to petrol head heaven!

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