Rs3 8v pfl spacers


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Nov 30, 2014
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looking to put spacers on my rs3 8v it’s a pfl just wondering what MM people would say, just want the wheels flush to the arch as I think they look lost as standard

Wheels size is 19” x 8.5j
I think 12mm is enough.
I also went with 15 to the rear and 12 upfront and it looks good but it does scrape over speedbump if you're not careful, especially with passengers in the car.
Yeah 15 and 12 seem to be the best look, there’s normally me and 1 passenger in mine so I may go that way or go 12 rear and 10 upfront
Iv got 20mm on back and 15 on front and it’s a little much will be swapping 20mm to 15mm all round