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Hello friends! My name is Eugene, I am from Moscow, I am admin of the Russian-language chat for the owners of the Audi RS Q3, now we have 53 members. I am the owner of the RS Q3 2015, white color, stock.
The chat is still Russian-speaking, but people there are not only from Russia, but this will not prevent us from making new English-speaking friends and communication. We have one italian man on Q3 with us, and one man from Israel, we speak in english with they.
But there are different people in the chat, and even on a simple Q3 which has 550 horsepowers, and RS Q3 which have 600+ and 700+ horsepowers.
We glad to talk with all

Who has RS Q3 and a desire to chat, write me your mobile number in private messages and I will add you to Whatsapp chat.

Add here screenshot of my chat. And my car.


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Nobody wants to chat?
Something was wrong with my profile, and I could not read private messages before, now everything is fine.


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It's my birthday
Welcome to the forum, but as I own Q5, I’m afraid I know nothing about the RS Q3!