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RS 5 - Update?

Bigsi Sep 7, 2011

  1. Bigsi

    Bigsi New Member

    What would you think if Audi were to change the RS5 engine in the upcoming cosmetic A5 update?

    They've changed the 3.2 V6 to a 3.0 V6 turbo , changed the V8 S5 to the V6 supercharged.
    How about changing the 444bhp 4.2 to the new twin turbo V8 ( 520hp) from the S8 ?
    How many would prefer to keep the higher revving V8 of the current version against the greater power ( and torque) of the new twin turbo V8?
    The 520BHP engine would put the RS5 well clear of the M3 and much closer to the Nissan GTR?
    Or perhaps offer both with an RS 5 GT (520 bhp) ?

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