Routing USB cable for dash cam


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Does anybody have any tips for getting a USB cable from around the rear view mirror area down to the 12v socket?
On my old M135i you could tuck the cable under the edge of the headlining and down the door pillar to a socket under the dash. I tried to tuck the cable in the same way but the headlining seems pretty solid attached.


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Hmmm looks like trim tools and brute force according to another thread i found.


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I managed to tuck mine just inside the headlining, inside the A pillar and then tucked the rest under the glovebox to the 12v socket.


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My only concern with simply tucking it into the A-pillar trim is potential for fouling the airbag. Although it's more hassle it'd probably be safer to remove the trim so you can see exactly where the cable is going.


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