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Old man VAG Sep 1, 2013

  1. Old man VAG

    Old man VAG Registered User

    The clue is in the name people you go round them not straight over them!!!!

    Now on a clear open road with no one around we all straight line the odd roundabout, saves on brake pads tyres etc. and as a biker as well its just knee down fun...
    but when is a duel carriage way or in a town and 2 lines of traffic are all trying to get round how is cutting it helping anyone. in the last 3 months I have nearly been driven into 10 times in my car and nearly been knocked off my bike...i have lost count. in 1 incident last week while on my bike I was forced right across my lane till my knee was clipping the curb i got so grumpy i kicked the **** out of the guys door when we got onto the straight. (not my proudest moment)

    Its also come to my attention as i have lived in several places in this great country that the south east is the worst for general driving standard. and i long for any excuse to either travel back up north or to the west country.

    Make what you want from this rant, some will no doubt think my a stupid biker who just goes to fast weaving dangerously through traffic but all I want is a little bit off lane discipline, is that to much to ask???
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  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    iv had quite a few wing morrors off when iv been on the bike
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    WAFTER Registered User

  5. JudderMan

    JudderMan Registered User

    It's not just the southeast, it's everywhere. Everyone is smug. Everyone thinks they deserve something. Annoys the hell out of me.

    Lane discipline isn't taught strongly enough in driving tests, neither is accuracy (or anything it seems) nor a willingness to be OCD about driving even though people are careering around in 2-tonne weapons. I hate driving instructors too, the ones where they do a ****ty little course and think that they are driving gods but try and keep their pupils for years and don't actually teach them anything. My wife is just about to start to learn to drive and I've told her that she's only going with a big company with instructors that are on a salary, not Jennie's Idiotic Driving School that charges £10ph. I went with BSM and past within 2 months of my 17th birthday.

    I'd love a motorbike but I'd end up getting killed or kill someone. And...I rode a bike in Thailand for 4 years so I'm very used to absolute spastics on the road, but people in the UK should know better but refuse to.

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