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Rotor grey interior Northern Ireland

Andy661166 Jul 23, 2020

  1. Andy661166

    Andy661166 New Member

    Hey all. I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on an S4 saloon, only thing is it has a rotor grey interior and I've never seen one IRL (car is in Wales).

    Has anyone got a car with rotor grey leather seats I could possible have a nosey at? I'm based in Lisburn, NI.

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  3. Jsmills

    Jsmills Active Member

    I can only offer chit chat :)

    im not a fan of the grey I thought it looked a bit dated, have to say I cautiously went for the red and ended up loving it. Looks really special with the super sports seats and raises the interior ambiance a notch for me...

    Personal preference though and your right to want to see it in the flesh...
  4. HMG1K

    HMG1K Active Member

    Each to their own but rotor grey is yuk.

    View it as the colour of dry cement powder. The standard charcole grey is far nicer, it is a very dark grey; perhaps seen as a straight wet cement in colour with no sand in the mix.

    To add, if you are getting a factory order, the 2021MY going into build from this week onwards, rotor grey seats will now come with the dashboard in the same colour.
  5. Andy661166

    Andy661166 New Member

    I've seen the red before and its good and bad IMO. New they are lovely, but not looked after and they go super glossy which I think ruins them.

    I dont think I will like the rotor grey going by pics but would prefer to see it IRL.

    It will be a used car 17-19 year so will still have the black dash!
  6. Shaun Donnelly

    Shaun Donnelly New Member

    Hi mate, just new on here from Armagh

    Not sure if it's any help. But was in Newry yesterday and Brown's cars has an RS6 sitting. Had the SS seats. But to me looked cream? Never seen another coloured interior other than black. Unsure if it was cream or grey now going by a quick Google image search.
  7. Andy661166

    Andy661166 New Member

    As far as I know its only S4/S5 and TTS have rotor grey. Pretty sure RS models only get cream or black interiors. The rotor grey seems pretty rare. Lunar silver would be the biggest "grey" seen in the audi range even though its closer to cream

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