Rotational vibration noise after clutch change


If In doubt, Flat out!

I took on the task of changing the clutch and flywheel in my S3 on Wednesday. Had it finished last night.

Basically, when I pull away, there is a funny rotational vibration noise, like something is catching a driveshaft. I have had a look, but they are all totally clear.

When on full boost in first and second is when this noise is at its greatest, then third and fourth it is more of a rumble in the cabin. from the drivers side of the engine bay. From what I can see, there is nothing catching.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Sam, had the same issue after my clutch and flywheel was changed last summer. It ended up being the wheel nuts where a bit loose. Also check your drive shaft bolt in between the wheel nuts. I know its a bit of a strange thing to look at, but i check everything and so did the mechanics, but ended up being something basic.


If In doubt, Flat out!
Just to update on this, and hopefully to help anyone else who may come across this problem in the future, I replaced the Dog Bone mount for a Yellow Powerflex one today and everything is mint again! So may have overstressed the original rubbers when resting the engine and gearbox on them. Real happy, as this really had started eating away at me!! lol!

Thanks for the suggestion harps!