Rotational Creaking/Scubbing Noise From Rear Brakes


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Hi all,

I wonder if you may be able to help me here seeing as we share the same chassis.

My LCR has developed a new noise, I say new but it has been getting progressively worse for a little while I think.

Here's the scenario. I start the car, let it warm up and drive off slowly (10 - 15mins) to warm all of the engine components up. The brakes at this point are all cool and when I brake I get no noises at all at any variation of pedal pressure. After the car has warmed up and the length of my journey has increased, the brakes start to get pretty warm (as they do) and then this rotational creaking/scrubbing sound starts. If I press the pedal with little force so that the Brembo's do most of the braking at the front, I get no noise at all but as soon as I apply more pressure and get the rear brakes to engage properly then the noise occurs. It's consistent with my speed, going fast then the sounds is sped up, at a crawl and the sound is very slow. It's hard to tell where this sound is coming from apart from knowing that it's at the rear, it could be passenger, driver or both sides.

I'm pretty sure that this might have started since the 15mm spacers went on the rear but seeing as I hardly use the car, it's hard to pin point. The wheels are not in contact with with any body or suspension part so I have ruled that out, the spacers appear to be sat flush to the hub/wheel and there isn't excessive brake dust on any of the wheels.

The car went for an MOT the other week and it went through just fine although the inspector did point out the the rear discs are quite corroded. I wondered if this may be the issue but why only when the brakes/car is warm?

Another thing swaying me away from a rusty brake disc issue is that the sound sometimes sounds like a creak. It's hard to describe but imagine an old wooden fence swaying in the wind and creaking, almost akin to that.

Any ideas anyone? I'd like to put this to bed ASAP.

Just to add that the performance of the brakes has not been affected and this only happens while braking, not while the wheels are free.
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if the rear disks are goobered i'd be tempted to change them and see what happens. They obviously need done anyway, so nothing lost if its not that either.

Probably also worth checking the bearings and the brake shields while your back there, and make sure the calipers are free.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I'll check the shields this weekend and see what's going on. Could it be that when it warms up, it expands and starts touching? I'd have though that they'd scrub all the time though, not just when braking so I'm think possibly something caliper related?

I agree that the disks need doing though so I'll get those done sooner rather than later if I can't solve this noise another way.


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....Did you find out what the problem was?...I have the same creaking noise coming from the rear offside wheel!!