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Ross Tech rules for limited VCDS cable usage

tcardio Aug 5, 2019

  1. tcardio

    tcardio Well-Known Member

    I have a few Audi's so I guess its time to purchase the new dongle as the site says the older software is going legacy and the newer software is limited to a certain amount of cars for use unless my wallet opens up. I understand the business model but I will miss showing up at a GTG and helping other enthusiasts with their problems
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  3. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    Maybe try reading what RossTech have written on this, I have (again) as I need to upgrade, it seems like you will always get asked if you want to add a car to the VINs already stored, if you answer "NO" then you will be limited to what you can do. Fault code reading/clearing is VINless, as maybe resetting service indicators(I'm not clear about that one), performing adaption will be VIN limited as will recoding controllers. I'm buying the 10VIN option as 3VIN seems to be a bit "short" for my usage - I think, and I'd rather end this version's life with an unused VIN than need to buy a VIN top-up!
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  4. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter SQ5 owners group Team Cornflower Blue Gold Supporter Team Sahara Silver Team Sepang Audi TT Audi RS3

    Me too, I purchased the the 10VIN option - registered with and "Finalize registration" from Ross-Tech today :readit:
  5. PaulRS3

    PaulRS3 Well-Known Member

    I bought the latest hex-v2 3 vin version , but haven’t used any of its “lives” or vins yet as it’s free to just clear and view fault codes.

    Thinking of selling it, and getting the WiFi one instead now.
  6. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    They don't seem to be pushing the WiFi model as much as I thought they would, in fact when WiFi was talked about initially, I thought that it was going to be the only way they would go, I'm quite happy using a cable though.

    So far I also have not "included" any of our car yet within the 10VIN thing.

    I had an annoying thing happen when I bought my VCDS HEX-V2, my UK based reseller seemed to try to make things easy, so he initialised my registration with Ross-Tech, that meant that he posted my VCDS, and hours later I got the registration "code" from Ross-Tech in an email, with instructions on how to complete the registration - 2 options, "as supplied by Ross-Tech" and "as supplied by a reseller", but I waited until my VCDS arrived next day, and foolishly used the instructions on registration that came in the box, from my supplier! The spelling of my name and my location were spelt wrong, so I thought only one time to sort this out, ie right now, so that kicked off another new registration for my dongle which said that my approval was being considered and not just approved. Anyway it seems that things worked out okay though the details on my first laptop are wrong but are right on my second laptop, such is life!

    Edit:- I have still to use it on the car that forced my upgrading, my daughter's time is precious to her, so maybe this weekend she will appear and I can log then clear all the stored faults that should have cleared at PDI!

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