rooflining removal


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ive owned a few audis over the years but never had to remove the rooflining before, so am just wondering how easy it is and how to go about it, anything i should be aware of inparticular? i only need access to the rear of the roof so wont be a total removal.

reason being at some point my aerial antenna has been snapped off at some point leaving the threaded part stuck in the base, want to remove the base to see if i can tap/drill it out so i can fit a new antenna, if not i'll get a whole new unit.


ps its an a6 avant


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not done it myself but can see what it says in elsawin if you like?

TYphoon GB

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You should be able to access the roof aerial through the rear load area light fitting....saves a lot of hassle and the linings never go back as nature intended....