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Good morning,
I have a 2015 a3 sportback with pre fitted roof rails and I am looking for a roof rack. I don't really want to spend 200+ as it is literally going to be used for one week going camping in cornwall. I have looked on gumtree with the plan to be to buy them and then sell them once I am back :) there doesn't seem to be much about though or the ones I have found are hardly any cheaper than buying brand new. Does anyone know of a decent set you can buy for a cheaper price? I have had a look online but can't seem to find anything. Ideally don't want to pay more than £100 :)

Many thanks


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Problem is that cheap roof racks are cheap for a reason. I use a Thule rack on mine... the same rack as I've used on several cars. Just buy a new fixing kit for £30 and eBay the old one when you change cars. More expensive to start but you can still get spares for old models, will last you many cars and works well if you have multiple cars in the household. Resale value of Thule kit is good too.



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The audi kit is rebranded Thule


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I just bought the thule wing bar edge and looks shed loads better that what Audi have to offer.