Roof bars/boxes


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Thule. Bought one of there collapsible roof bags. Great quality.

The Audi branded ones look good, saw one on a Q5 in the showroom recently but I’ve no idea if they’re any good.


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I can very highly recommended the Whispbar S16 roof bars. I went for black colour as my car is daytona gray so they blend in very well. They are actually designed to look good, they even enhance to look of an Avant car.


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AVOID... he said AVOID ha ha

I'd avoid anything "generic" fitment like you see on ebay as it may well damage the car.

Buy cheap, buy twice... and repair car ha ha


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I've used the Audi ones twice (my local audi dealer offers a roofbox rental service)

Ive never used any other box so i have nothing to compare it to but the Audi one was ok

It's a little fiddly to open/close but it seems secure and looks good on the car.


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Try roofbox,

I had a Hapro roofbox with Cruz aluminium bars. Looked very OEM on my last A3 and top quality

About to buy a new larger box for the A4 Avant

Kamei Husky XXL or Hapro Traxer 8.6 with the black aluminium bars to match the car I think