Rolling Road Day TAKE 2 @ AMD Essex - 26th April - 2015


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Right - this is now officially being kick started again as of now!! email from AMD below:

Good Afternoon Alex,

The following dates are “not” available.

· 3rd of April,

· 17th of April,

· 1st of May,

· 8th of May,

· 15th of May,

· 21st of May,

· 30th of May

· 5th of June,

· 12th of June,

· 19th of June,

· 26th of June,

· 3rd of July,

· 10th of July,

· 17th of July

· 31st of July,

· 7th of August,

· 14th of August,

· 28th of August

· 4th of September

· 11th of September

· 18th of September,

· 25th of September

· 2nd of October,

· 9th of October

· Sunday 23rd of October

As it looks - 24th July / 21st Aug are the best/only days available !

Everyone in agreement we go for the 24th July?? Please add your name to the list. a deposit is needed which will only be paid if we have a min of 10/15 cars . Ill kick start


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Jay A3

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I should be ok to attend. Dyno is another story


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Im in, just give me a date.


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I'd be interested in popping along, but will skip the dyno. Very easy on dates.


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I'll more than likely pop along but skip running the dyno as mine as been on it way to much already this year lol