Rnse vibration


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over the last couple of days iv noticed an occasional vibration noise coming from my unit, it is more common on MW stations like talk sport and 909, anyone got any ideas as to what the problem is and how I fix it, cheers


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Has is been installed after the car left the factory? If so.. They also need a signal amplifier installed in the bootlid of the car.. This is often overlooked by people as it mostly doesn't cause any issue.. But on MW it will be more apparent..

If its ok on other stations or even your media then i'd guess thats what it will be.. Either that or overall poor signal..


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Iv done the signal amplifier upgrade in the boot lid. It doesn't sound like a signal problem it's as if there might be something lose in the unit but it only occasionally vibrates on MW :crying:


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RNS vibrates, really or we talking about the radio audio only distortion.