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RNSE update and Bluetooth

Pigeon Aug 28, 2019

  1. Pigeon

    Pigeon Registered User

    Hi all,:sign imnew:
    I have a 2007 A4 with RNS-E showing the numbers in attachment.
    1. I currently have genuine nav disks and am concerned updating to postcodes and cameras could potentially mess things up if buying a bad copy - i've read that you can't backtrack once a newer version is installed and that Audi never made such disks as well as the type of disk the info is burnt on. Also reading about codes and things get me wondering if it's worth it? I keep coming back to this even the the image doesn't show the correct postcode? https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2016-...isc-speed-cameras--7-digit-postcode-134-p.asp

    2. A well asked question but is there a good bluetooth option? I almost bought https://connects2.com/Product/ProductItem/CTAADBT004 but found out I'd loose the CD changer in the glovie. A local car stereo retailer put me off anything Dension. Other comments like potential bad quality through an aux jack kinda defeats the purpose of having a Bose?
    Is there anything out there worth buying without needing to drop the exhaust and install 5 more cigarette lighters:shrug:

    Thanks in advance.

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