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Hi guys,

So I have retrofitted an RNSE into my A4 B7 and I’m looking at the multimedia adapters.

Are they as simple as they look?

I’m not scared of giving it a go at fitting one, but they look more simple than I’d of thought.

The one I’m looking at is the double input one. It has a reverse camera input and one for whatever is getting connected.

Is it just a case of mounting the adapter, clipping the clip into the back of the headunit and plugging in whatever I’m adding on into the yellow, red and white plugs?

This is very similar to the one I’ve seen:


Anyone that’s fitted similar that can give me any advice would be awesome.


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Which RNS-E have you fitted? the MK1 or the MK2, this is for the MK1 units, it should work with a MK2 but who knows.

Also if you have a MK1 you can get the TV in MOtion done so that it doesn't blank whilst driving, I dont think this is available for the Mk2, but then again its been a long time since I did any work on cars and things might have changed.
Hi, sorry I didn’t see your reply.

I’ve got the MK2 with the media button.

I don’t think i’d really be that bothered about having the video while driving so the VIM isn’t a big thing for me.

Might just take the plunge and hope the instructions are clear

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