RNSe Multi media adapter


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Anybody know of a RNSe multi media adapter that will work with a 193g RNSe and CKO 6 disc dvd player. I tried the one from Uni-tec but the top of the screen was all fuzzy.I believe some adapters only work with 192 units.


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Hey A3TA,

I'm assuming you mean an AV Interface?

We can help you out with that... Funnily enough we are working on quite a cool system at the moment.

Anyway, get in touch with me using the Contact Form in the link below and I'll get you sorted :D

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On a side note I did post up about some Video In Motion Interfaces on the forum the other day... If that's something that you're keen about too then take a look :)





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I believe I need a Kufatec 35538 adapter and a 35542 harness to connect to dvd player.
Has anybody fitted this to a 193g and is picture quality good?