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Rnse mk2 install

Allyn78 Mar 17, 2016

  1. Allyn78

    Allyn78 Registered User

    hi can any one help me, I have a2008 a4 sline avant ,just installed a mk2 rnse unit.
    I have too problems 1- unit doesn't turn off when key is removed from ignition and the info doesn't show up on the dash in the clocks. I have scanned the car with vag and it shows up a fault with the steering wheel. How do I go about sorting this problem out?
    I am new to this recoding can any body tell me how to do it.
    Many thanks
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  3. p-rossi

    p-rossi Registered User

    Allyn, I realise the date on your post but did you get this sorted? Wondered if you wouldn’t mind sharing the coding for radio & cluster. I installed a mk2 about a year ago & have had battery drain problems & can bus not turning off the radio when the key is out, etc. I’ve written a fair bit about what’s happing on here but getting nowhere. I’ve got VCDS.

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