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RNSE Mk 2 phone issue

gary911 Oct 28, 2017

  1. gary911

    gary911 Active Member

    Hi, I have a 2007 B7 A4 it has factory RNSE mk1 I fitted a Kufatec blue tooth phone interface a while ago and it works as well as the factory bluetooth.;

    I have just purchased an RNSE MK2 and have just fitted it, the sat nav radio etc all works fine the TEL button says phone not installed when activated even with the Kufatec still fitted in the loom, is this a coding issue. I did ring my mobile from another phone in the car as the kufatec shows still active the phone rings in the car through the stereo but no display so can't answer .

    The RNSE is from a Seat but has the audi logo when turned on .

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  3. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Team Imola TFSI Owners Group Silver Supporter Team Sprint Audi S3 Manual

    Firstly run a Vcd's check see if there is a fault , then check see if your telephone has been activated witjin vcd's as it could need a coding change .
  4. gary911

    gary911 Active Member

    Cheers thanks.

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