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RNSE maps New Zealand/Australia

samuelh_888 Mar 5, 2018

  1. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Well-Known Member Audi S3 Black Edition Manual


    I'll be returning to New Zealand in a couple of months and my S3 will be coming with me. Does any one know where I may be able to get an RNSE DVD for New Zealand/Australia (they are on the same DVD)? I'm not too worried if it's a hack to get satnav working.

    I've contacted Audi NZ who have said they don't list any DVD for the A3/S3 before 2013 but also said that region encoding would be an issue. The MMI SD card is easy enough to obtain but it's not for the RNSE.

    The majority of A3's (including the S3) in New Zealand are Japanese imports which have the HU changed in Japan so I can't get from this channel.

    If I can't find anything I'll sell the RNSE and get the Xtrons unit.

    Thanks in advance,

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