RNSe Disc Read Error


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I've been having a problem with 'read errors' when trying to use my navigation. The disc I'm using is a 'backup' copy which is not in perfect condition so I'm assuming this is the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone have a 2010 backup copy they'd be willing to send me obviously i'd be prepared to pay a small fee.



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I know some1 selling 2010 discs, pm me


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The RNS-E is very particular about the type of blank disc, the speed and format it was burned in, and even the drive that was used to burn the disc.

It's almost one of those situations where I would ensure that I had an original disc to avoid problems.



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jsut for backup info, to make a reliable copy you need to use a verbatim dvd+r DL, even the 8 speed ones work fine

a pioneer burner sets the dvd-rom book type correctly and the layer break without having to mess about....


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If anyone is interested i can also create Very Good Copies of 2010 (AN) maps

Drop me a PM if you want!@