RNS-E - Version X--- / Won't install maps?


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Right, having a nightmare, bought some Verbatim DVD+R DL's once I've used before for my golf RNS510, got the .iso for the 2015 nav with Speed Cameras, burnt it using 4 different drives, all of which are supported, used my mac, used Burn on my mac, used a windows machine and ImgBurn, changed the book type to DVD-ROM all sorts, I insert the disk and it shows the 2 card slots then the disc in the top left and says Software Update CD/DVD 0605 (something along them lines) but then doesn't actually do anything at all?

Any ideas what I maybe doing wrong? My version shows as X--- which i believe is a modified version? modified for what? and could this be preventing me from installing the nav? The CD drives plays my MP3 CD's fine so seems to be working?

Any suggestions welcome, gone through 22 discs now trying all different methods and various drives that are 100% supported Any ideas?



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I would fix the X-- issue first. Downgrade the software, you will need VCDS to do this, then upgrade using a 650 disk for normal use or 660 disk for SDS conversion.

I burnt a disk using verbatim disks and no issues with the 2015 disk.