RNS-E TV question


Hi all

I would be deeply grateful if somebody could answer this question...would the TV tuner out of an A4 B5 work with the screen in my A3? the part number is 4D0 919 146 - apparently it works with all Audis with "big" navigation, whatever that means...

Thanks in advance if anyone can say 'yay' or 'nay' to my pickle :friends:



Ive heard all the TV tuners in Audi are analogue and are really not worth the money i herd reception is crap and with the switch to digital soon they'll will be useless id get a digital one with some good internal aerials you can pic em up on ebay £40 to £200 pound and get a good set of internal Ariel's they have to go on the widow and wont work with tints so i guess on the front or rear window and get you tv switched so you can drive whilst watching not that id do that but it would do you head in switching on an off in traffic above 5 mph i seen a clip on you tube somewhere of tv working whilst driving looks great I'm looking into it myself but id steer clear from audi tuners .....

Issac Hunt

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You can get digital Audi tuners. That one from a B5 wont be digital but they are available.


:idea: won't bother with the analogue then, usually when the car's not moving i'm not in it - and i can't be bothered to buy and install something for it to be rubbish :huh:

Maybe i'll put a dvd changer in the glovebox or go digital as suggested, cheers for the pointers guys:thumbsup: