RNS-E to glove box CDC cable configuration help.... please.


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I have an RNS-E head unit and I've bought an 8E0 035 111 D cd changer (why did those numbers do that? haha). I also bought the CD-RF 04 12 pin quadlock to 12 pin cable to connect the 2 together.

However, when I checked the cable I noticed that none of the wire colours match up with those on the back of the changer... the plug is correct, but the wiring seems in a totally different order...
I've tried to find the pinouts for both the RNS-E and changer, which I found, to a certain degree, but I can't find any that actually relate to each other... ie one tells you the wire colours but the other states what they actually do... So I can't relate them to each other.
Can anyone help me out so I can reconfigure my cable please.

The pics of the B connector have the white casing next to them in the right orientation for the black plug.






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Why should they match up, from memory they don't. Not all the quadlock connector pins are needed. In fact only 7 of the 12 on connector B are for the CDC.


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The fact that the colours of the wires do not correspond to each other has put a doubt in my mind that the plug is actually wired as it should be, and I don't want to risk blowing either my RNS-E or the changer finding out.
If you look at the pic of the black connector on the back of the changer, you'll see the positioning of the cables (colours) bear no relation to the wiring on the actual changer... ie green is going to brown, brown is going to green, red is going to black, black is going to white etc etc. This means that my cable is supplying an earth (brown cable) to pin 3 of the cd changer plug, which has a green wire coming from it, the brown cable being on pin 1... see what I mean?
How can I be sure that the cable I have bought is actually wired correctly?
The actual colours would not matter if I could verify that whatever colour it may be on, say, pin 1 in the black plug went to the correct pin in the quadlock plug, hence why I am asking if anyone can give me the info I need to be able to check the cable is wired correctly, and if it isn't I would then be able to swap the incorrect pins around.
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