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Hi,can anybody answer the questions that i have regarding this topic, i have been told that the new 2 disk maps and TMC enabling will be available from 3rd week in january and this will be a new software revision.
1,Can any body tell me what is the revision of software i.e 550 or higher ?
2,Does this software upgrade have to be done by the Audi dealer or can you install the disks and the RNS-E will sense that it is an upgrade and will install it for you?
3,if Audi have gone to the 2 disk maps you can only use 1 at a time how does this work ? is one disk for the maps and the other for settings or somthing else?
4, How do you change the welcome screen on your RNS-E,has anybody done it and if so how?

Help on these topics would be greatfully appreciated



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1. The 2007 discs carry software version 0550
2. The disc will automatically upgrade the RNS-E upon insertion. It will reboot once or twice before completing and will then leave the unit switched off, at which point you power it on manually. There is a chance you will be prompted for the PIN number during the upgrade process, so if you've not got this and it does ask, you'll be stuck until you contact the dealer.
3. Both discs are map discs, they've just added some new countries and can no longer fit it all on one disc. Some European countries are duplicated on both discs but some (including the UK) are only one on of the discs.
4. You can't. Various software versions have some specialised screens for specific models, such as the RS4 and S3 but the coding has to be correct to show these and you can't add your own.


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Yep that's the one. If you have it then great but Audi have stopped sending them out with new cars fitted with RNS-E so some people (myself included) don't have them and would be stuck if the upgrade asked for it.
If you visit the www.navplus.us forum, several people have upgraded without being asked for the PIN (myself included as well).

From software version 0500, you can change the the welcome screen, but you need VAG-COM to do it. I think you can choose between the standard Audi MMI screen, S3, S4, RS4 and I believe there's even an R8 screen too! More details again on navplus.us.